8 responses to “Where to Help Sandy Victims in Staten Island”

  1. Corine -@Complicatedmama

    And Monsignor Farrell HS. They have A TON of stuff for families. Clothes, blankets, food, toiletries– and they have no way of getting it over to families.

  2. Kara Williams

    Dawn – Many of us who live FAR from NYC want to help. Do you have a MAILING ADDRESS for donations? I just sent boxes of diapers (ordered online) to a Far Rockaway Councilman. I think of Staten Island had a mailing address for someone… anyone… many across the country would send needed goods.

    My 2 cents.

  3. Dawn Allcot

    I just wanted to share that the Carl V. Bini fund is also accepting donations at 18 Hervey Street for distribution to those who need it. These guys have been all over Staten Island getting supplies in the hands of people to help with clean-up and getting warm clothing, food, etc. to people who lost everything. (www.carlvbini.org) Anyone can find out how to volunteer by checking out their event page on Facebook, too. They need a lot of hands and locations seem to change hourly. It’s amazing how social media is keeping so many people connected in the aftermath of the superstorm!

  4. Tammy Pazio

    I would like to send items needed but in alot of the sites do not have the whole address for people out of state we wouldnt know so please update with all of the address

  5. tara

    My boyfriend John M.’s company, Manfredi Hyundai, is offering compensation for anyone who lost any make/model vehicle during superstorm sandy. They are actually offering compensation, as well as deferred payments for anyone who is suffering due to this storm. If you or anyone you know needs HELP getting a car at a great value, you can inbox me, and John M will be able to get you a friends/family d
    eal using my name. Even if you have questions about what to do in this difficult time, he can help you to the best of his ability. No need to purchase at that time. Just please make sure to alert me first via inbox before you or your friends/family walk in, so that I can give him your name/friend/family members name to get the friends/family deal, as well as the compensation, and deferred payments. I hope this is helpful to anyone that I know that lost a vehicle, or for their friends or family that have lost a vehicle due to this storm.
    In addition, I just found out that Manfredi Auto Mall is donating $100 for every car, NEW or USED that is sold, to aid the victims of Hurricane Sandy.
    Feel free to inbox me and use my name for the discounts. You can reach me on Facebook, or email me at taralandano@aol.com. Take care everyone, and good luck.

  6. liz

    since gas is short, thought id amtrak to staten island…can i help clean up, when, where, how do i get there from nyc…from se mass and know zip about area. thanks… you are all an inspiration¡!!!!!!!!!!

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